Manage Less, Sell More, Connect Everything

We are thrilled to present Woohdash, our flagship eCommerce management platform developed under Heavyweight Digital. With woohdash, you can connect and sync all your stores and sales channels and effortlessly manage all your products, orders, stock levels, shipping, product feeds, waybills, invoices, and more in one centralised dashboard with precision and ease. 

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No More Spreadsheets!

From effortless integration with WooCommerce, Takealot, Shopify, and all other major platforms to advanced analytics and custom product feeds for Amazon, Google Shopping, and more, woohdash is your one-stop solution for comprehensive eCommerce management. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple online stores and say hello to focusing on what you do best: selling great products.

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  • Centralized Dashboard: Manage all stores in one place.
  • Product Synchronization: Seamless multi-platform integration.
  • Order Management: Efficient processing and updates.
  • Advanced Analytics: Data-driven insights and trends.
  • Inventory Control: Real-time stock management.
  • Custom Product Feeds: Tailored for each sales channel.
  • CSV/XML Imports: Easy product data integration.
  • Attribute Customization: Detailed product specifications.
  • Category Management: Organized product categorization.
  • Event and Booking: Manage events and customer bookings.
  • Automated Invoicing: Quick invoice generation.
  • User Access Control: Customizable permissions and roles.

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